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In buxworth :)

Usually have more trouble making my "moved in" post, but good fon router next door means I can do it comfortably this time!

New house is a teetering pile of boxes at present, but it's definitely home :)


Portugal 2014

Jenny & Snoob Sheltering from the Portugese rain?!

Another great year in Portugal. Not the best weather (although still mostly like an oven) and diminished numbers, what with Karen being pinned down with university work and Rosie being ill, but good fun none the less. Always the "recharge" trip!

Notes for next year:

* It's 3 monkeys turn.
* It's Civ: Beyond Earth year.

That is all :)


Beautiful days

Forgot to document how amazing beautiful days was (on here at least). Made Glastonbury look commercial, Latitude look not-so-chilled (and very commercial).. And yes it was good! Apart from anything else, two Levellers gigs in one weekend!

Also the first festival I've been to with a baby! Not to mention Aliss, Cat & Oli. Because, Jacob is all about the show stealing :)


Little do they suspect...

Cats are so happy here:

Az Chiana

Little do they suspect...

Kippers for breakfast

Had kippers for breakfast today. Somehow I have never done this before.

Very tasty, will kipper again.


Trip to Heysham


Glastonbury happened

Some things still require a mandatory lj post and Glastonbury is definitely one of them.

The weather this year was somewhat changeable:

Summary of the weekend"s weather

With both glorious sunshine AND torrential rain.

Music was awesome of course. First time I'd got to see Royal Blood, Lana del Ray and other current spins. Elbow were the most "classic Glastonbury moment" band, while Mogwai provided the incredible atmospheric experience at the park:

Mogwai at the park

Bit of a different atmosphere to the one where it was just Ben and me last year as we had a full crowd this time around:

This is dancing apparently

The tradition (minted last year) of having one insane night at the lizard stage was repeated again on the last night this year. Tankus the Henge, 3 daft monkies and RSVP Bangra members formed a crazy supergroup to while the last night away. Somehow I ended up on stage engaged in a Bangra dance-off at one point... Aside from that it was an excellent evening, and an excellent festival all around!

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