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Kippers for breakfast

Had kippers for breakfast today. Somehow I have never done this before.

Very tasty, will kipper again.


Trip to Heysham

Kr0n & Gwyn (and a powerstation)

Heysham: bay

Food in production!

Anubis (angry)


Glastonbury happened

Some things still require a mandatory lj post and Glastonbury is definitely one of them.

The weather this year was somewhat changeable:

Summary of the weekend's weather

With both glorious sunshine AND torrential rain.

Music was awesome of course. First time I'd got to see Royal Blood, Lana del Ray and other current spins. Elbow were the most "classic Glastonbury moment" band, while Mogwai provided the incredible atmospheric experience at the park:

Mogwai at the park

Bit of a different atmosphere to the one where it was just Ben and me last year as we had a full crowd this time around:

This is dancing apparently

The tradition (minted last year) of having one insane night at the lizard stage was repeated again on the last night this year. Tankus the Henge, 3 daft monkies and RSVP Bangra members formed a crazy supergroup to while the last night away. Somehow I ended up on stage engaged in a Bangra dance-off at one point... Aside from that it was an excellent evening, and an excellent festival all around!

CAKE - Happy Birthday Kr0n!

CAKE, originally uploaded by draxil.

kr0n's birthday is the one time of year I am pretty much garenteed to spend hours in the kitchen making a mess!

This year she had to spend most of the day working on her assignment, poor girl. But still at least at the end of it all she had cake!

Confusingly sunny day!

top of the hillSuspiciously sunnyBird of preyFlappingHoveringIncongruous
Hill panoramaWall collapseFieldChapel milton longshotSAM_1348SAM_1332

Confusingly sunny day!, a set on Flickr.

Walked over the hills down the one track road behind our house. Confusingly sunny given our recent weather ( and the date ).

Some odd things going on as when I was half way up the hill a train of about 15 4X4s charged past close on one anothers heels. The road is so narrow that I had to flatten myself to the wall to be sure none of them clipped me!

Found that after going far enough there was a road I'd not seen before, and some kind of cafe.. Then most confusingly a Costa sign. Turns out it was the Chestnut centre, the otter/owl/etc sanctuary, and they have a cafe with one of the Costa machines that get inserted in petrol stations and the like.

Had a helping of corporate coffee, and then came home. Part way back spotted some kind of bird of prey, hovering and soaring.


Bob, originally uploaded by draxil.

Sourdough focaccia

Sourdough focaccia, originally uploaded by draxil.

Made focaccia and quiche today. Yum!

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