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Double bass fixage

Never LJ'd:

But my double bass is nice and fixed.

And I must once again advertise sam wells double bass repair for doing an excellent rescue job :)

Double bass trauma

Last night, in the middle of a song there was an ugly splitting sound:


It's split at the point where it was repaired by the guy who I bought it from in Windsor, (originally "my" bass was going to be a different one, but the girl who had my actual bass dropped it and got "my one in exchange while this very repair was happening).

Fortunately I've found a guy who can look at it but there's an anxious wait before I find out if it's repairable or not :S

EU Referendum....

Oh.. Damn.

One step closer to that summit of world leaders: Trump, Boris and Putin :P


EU Referendum

Buggy polling station (EU referendum)

Today's EU referendum feels like a very "trousers of time" moment, especially with the polls so close between leave & remain. Temptation to wake up at 2AM and listen to Radio 4 to hear the results come in must be resisted!

Invasive species

We seem to have an invader...

Invasive species

Actually was one of the cats which weirdly turned up when Chi went missing but she's been getting braver. kr0n gave her food yesterday, but she's back today and trying to make herself at home. solidcat seems to be wary but not too bothered by her presence..



This cat is silly

Missing since Monday evening, and I have to say it's making me pretty miserable.


Cat update




Met my niece in person this weekend. She is a delight :)

2015 in music

My (scrobbled) music listening was down a bit in 2015. Of monsters and men and PSB are hugely ahead of everything else. These were amongst my few album purchases and I really got mileage out of them! I imagine PSB would be even more ahead if last.fm was aware of my vinyl playing, which may also explain the disparity with 2014's scrobbles as I listened to a lot more actual records!

Pleased to see that all the top 3 things were based on 2015 record, with the Neds spoiling the freshness by coming in at 4, and indeed everything else in the top ten being old!

Surprised Royal Blood didn't make the 10, but with kr0n getting me the album I am sure that'll look different in 2016, as soon as I rip the thing!

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